Mantra For A Safe Journey

Compared to accidents at work place, accidents at home are increasing day by day as the use of electrical appliances has increased considerably. It is estimated that the rate of home accidents are double than Industrial accidents. If we take both home & road accidents together, it stands at six to seven times higher than the work accidents. Looking to this scenario, the Council strongly feels that immediate and positive actions should be taken to avert the increase in home accidents. To create Home Safety and Road Safety awareness along with Industrial Safety the Council is conducting various workshops, demonstration, video-shows, exhibitions etc. for ladies & school children.

GSC is organizing Programs on Home Safety for House Wives with a view them to promote home safety awareness amongst house wives who in turn can take initiative to spread the message to other illiterate and poor women of our society. This in turn will help in prevention of home accidents.As a part of road safety awareness, Council has initiated educational awareness programs for school children, with a view to impart them basic knowledge of home & road safety. Under this activity Council organizes introductory lectures, video shows & small exhibitions in different schools.