Gujarat Safety Council is publishing a quarterly journal ‘SURAXA’. This journal is dedicated to the cause of safety and publishes mainly articles and information on various aspects of safety in each issue. This journal reaches to our all members, Govt. and Semi-Govt. undertakings, leading and small scale industries etc. (about 5000 copies) in the state of Gujarat.

This journal will be a good media to provide you an opportunity to make it known to the people about the quality products manufactured by you as this Journal is being read by a large number of people in the industries your advertisement will speak and propagate your products which in turn will result in more demand of your products.

The tariff of rates for publication of advertisement in one issue of ‘SURAXA’ is given below

One full page 1500
Half page 1000
Full page colour advertisement 3000
Back cover page 4000
Back inside / front inside page 3500


Council publishes Safety Calendar every year since last 12 years. Calendar has six pages having pictures/cartoons of safety related themes. The information on various aspects of Safety, Health and Environment is printed on the back side of each page. Calendar is an unique and effective education media to arouse interest of the employees and workers in the field of Safety which will help in creating safety awareness. Every year we bring out about 30,000 Calendars for which orders are booked in advance in the month of August / September.


Council also brings out Safety Diary in Gujarati/English having about 300 pages. The Diary contains useful technical information for permanent reference relating to HSE which serves as a ready reckoner for Safety Supervisors. Every year council receives order for about 4000 Diaries from various Industries. The orders are booked in the month of September / October.