Construction Health and Safety Program

Construction is a dynamic industry made up of several primary sectors, each with subsectors. Individual activities are diverse with workplaces and workforces that change constantly. In a typical project, there can be multiple employers and up to 10 different trades and trade unions on site. These multiple-employer and multiple-union workplaces are quite different from those in other industries.

The construction sector covers both large and small firms and includes unionized and non-unionized workplaces. The workforce includes contractors, sub-contractors, both part-time and temporary workers, family members and business owners.

Most construction contractors in city are small- to mid-size employers. Many construction employers have fewer than eight employees. Some construction employers have more than 100 workers often working across several projects.

Although city construction industry is one of the safest in the world, there is a high potential for injury, given the nature and conditions of the work.

The Construction Health and Safety Program continues to work actively with its health and safety partners and external stakeholders to control and, where possible, eliminate the top hazards in each sector. The partnership also promotes compliance and the development of a strong health and safety culture in the workplace.